The most powerful way to successfully face physical and emotional problems is to undergo a sacred initiation that leads to the death of your old selfto rebirth and to finding your sacred dream.



"When you honor the endings you take responsibility for your future." 

- Cat Faith

This class is for you if...

You are experiencing deep change and going through transition

You are going through grief or loss

Some of your relationships feel toxic and need healing

You drag the past into the present

You numb your emotions

You are dealing with a health condition

Your mind drifts to moments where you did not have the courage to go for what you truly wanted

You self-sabotage by not living your true purpose or sharing your gifts

You feel stuck and don’t have a clear vision for your life

You experience anxiety and panic attacks

You could feel more alive

4 Step Proven Roadmap

From feeling stuck and playing it small to living fully, joyfully, in complete freedom, aligned to your gifts and sacred dream. Tools & transition rites to make peace with your past and find all aspects of yourself that you need to give death to.


Death Journey of the Old Self

Profound Shamanic regression tools

Energetic practices to make peace with your past and find aspects of self that you need to give death to

Self-reflective journaling techniques

Spirit Flight map


Healing Relationships

Understanding family dynamics and soul contracts

Forgiveness rituals & energetic letters

*techniques can be also used with loved ones who passed away

Decoding the relationship with the masculine and feminine

Ancestor work & Family lineage repair


Shifting Regrets

Self-reflective guided journaling technique

Jaguar medicine

Kinesthetic journey to release mental and emotional baggage, traumatic or unhappy memories, resentments, frustrations


Finding your sacred dream

Dream incubation process (ancient practice of ´planting dream seeds´)

Conscious dream mapping – three card story

Upperworld Journey and guide connection

Crystal activation

Here's What You'll Receive Inside This Class

By joining this class you will have lifetime access to the following modules and its tools (videos, audios, ebooks, workbooks). Please notice the format of this class is online (live zoom sessions are available for Private members).

Module 1: available January 15th

✓ Introductory video

✓ Course overview: access, use & homework

✓ Understanding Death e-book

✓ Shamanic Breathwork practice

✓ Rites of Passage e-book

✓ Bonus emotional release and connection tools: Sand Painting & Sacred Space video & audio

✓ Dying to Fully Live Music Playlist

✓ List of materials for class

Module 2: available January 22nd

✓ Module 2 supporting video

✓ Module 2 Workbook

✓ Life Review & Eulogy Practice

✓ Rites of passage

Module 3: available January 29th

✓ Module 3: Great Journey

✓ Spirit Flight Map e-book & audio

✓ Guidance video

Module 4: available February 5th

✓ Module 4: Healing Relationships

✓ E-book + workbook

✓ Energetic letters

✓ Relationship review

✓ How to build an altar supporting video

✓ Candle ceremony practice & Hoponopono

"I signed up not really knowing what I was going to find out, but I knew that it was the right time for something to shift. I LOVED the twists and turns that the course took and the different ways it makes you look at your life and re-evaluate what is important and what can be let go of. I left the 4 weeks more aware, more open and more willing to LIVE! "

Class 2020

"I lost my father 7 years ago and during this class it was the first time I truly realized how this experience has impacted me and my interactions with men. The anger I held transpired in all my relationships with the masculine. During this class I connected many dots and had a chance to actually make peace with my father´s death. The ancestor work and the rituals for forgiveness helped me feel free and light for the first time in many years. I was so used to carrying this weight that I had forgotten what joy of life actually feels like. "

Carmen M
Class 2020

"I loved the diversity this class offered. The journeys and the tools were incredible! The session I had with Cat before starting the journey showed me exactly what I needed to give death to. So I embarked in this adventure with determination and trust, and the processes were magical. Each module had its charm. I found things in myself I forgot existed. Grateful for this work."

James K
Class 2020

"Couple of months ago I lost my job. I heard about Cat's work from a close friend and she recommended the class. I had never experienced journeying or shamanic practices but this time I felt ready to try pretty much anything. When I started the class, Cat guided me and in the life review I discovered how I self-sabotaged in all situations where I ended up in positions that offered power. One week after finishing the class I launched my business in consulting. I have never felt more connected to my purpose. Looking forward to see how the magic further unfolds. Thank you Cat, for all the support, inspiration and guidance!"

Sarah P
Class 2020

Module 5: available February 12th

✓ Module 5: Healing Relationships

✓ Lineage Repair & Ancestor work e-book

✓ Lineage Repair Audio Journey

✓ Explanatory video

✓ How to build an altar supporting pdf

Module 6: available February 19th

✓ Module 6: Shifting Regrets

✓ Jaguar Medicine e-book

✓ Jaguar Medicine Audio Journey

✓ Supporting pdf's + video

Module 7: available February 26th

✓ Module 7: Finding your sacred dream

✓ Dream Incubation

✓ Charging crystals

✓ Three Card Story pdf + Video

Module 8: available March 5th

✓ The Giveaway e-book

✓ Upperworld Journey Audio + Video

✓ Closure video and practice


In order to offer support throughout the course, Cat will be offering 4 zoom live coaching sessions of 90mins each for the Private Group. (Note: If you're not able to make any of the live sessions, replays will be available for every session within 48 hours).


✓ 1st Live Session: Saturday January 15th 

✓2nd Live Session: Saturday January 29th 

✓ 3rd Live Session: Saturday February 12th 

✓ 4th Live Session: Saturday February 26th 



✓ Live sessions take place at 10am EST for Private group


A Letter From Cat

This class is my Sacred Dream. It comes from my deepest
wish to be in service and share the gifts that I have received in my lessons in loss and in my experience of intimately working with the energy of Death.

This course is not about dying. It’s actually about
living fully, passionately and purposefully. It’s about renewal, joy, opening our hearts and being in service.

When we confront our life and death with curiosity and
awareness, something truly magical happens. 

The journey that you are now embarking on brings a great
opportunity to resolve your denial of Death, as well as your denial of life in a two months long experiment. 

In this class we will consciously invoke the energy of change. It´s a courageous provocative approach to radical healing and fast evolution. If you are ready to take the leap, this might be your answer.

If you choose to befriend Death, it will help you remember who you are and why you came here. It will show you how to live with your heart open, close to the light, with courage and joy. It will help you honor your relationships and will remind you how to cherish moments.

It will show you how to use your gifts and how to weave a
sacred dream that benefits all.

With the blessings of the ancestors and guides, held in the highest love and light,


By completing this class you can expect the following:

✓ An exalted understanding of your life journey 

✓ Healed relationships 

✓ Freedom from emotional suffering & self-sabotage patterns 

✓ Releasing mental and emotional baggage

✓ Shifting regrets

✓ Letting go of traumatic or unhappy memories, resentments, frustrations

✓ CLEAR vision for walking your path

✓ Conscious dream mapping skills

✓ Lifetime tools for transforming your life

Meet your guide: Cat Faith

Cat Faith is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Practitioner and Coach, Detox Specialist and Founder of the international platform Dying To Fully Live. Cat accesses a spectrum of healing techniques, sharing the Spoken Ancient Shamanic Traditions and collaborating with tribes, healers and teachers from all over the world. 

In her practice, Cat combines ancient shamanic teachings and rituals with cutting edge practices in trauma release, regression therapy, epigenetics, lineage repair and nutrition. 

Her work has influenced many lives. Her mission is to assist people in navigating transition moments and situations of crisis, breaking repetitive patterns, clearing past life imprints, deconstructing limiting beliefs and facilitating the process that shamans call soul retrieval.


Pricing Options

Meet our different class options and what each includes.




Access to all 8 modules listed above with life-time supporting tools (videos, audios, ebooks, weekly workbooks).

Be part of a Whatsapp support group. 

Invitation to Power Hour Membership & the Give Away Shamanic Healing Facebook Group.





Access to all 8 modules listed above with life-time supporting tools (videos, audios, weekly meditations, ebooks, and workbooks)

Be part of a guided healing circle by Cat Faith through 4 zoom live coaching sessions of 90mins each (see live sessions schedule above) + closing & opening circle bonus.

Includes 1:1 Private Session with Cat (90mins live zoom, schedule your time of preference) plus personalized finding your gifts journey

Invitation to Power Hour Membership & the Give Away Shamanic Healing Facebook Group

Guided meditations for daily morning practice


Frequently Asked Questions

For further inquiries contact us [email protected]

YES! You will receive step by step guidance on how to engage in the practices. You do not need any type of previous experience or preparation. Just an open heart.

If you are going through anxiety, grief, suffering or just facing difficult moments in your life, any of the 2 training options will support you navigate these chapters.

If you are in a good place but curious to learn about death, explore your ancestry and the way you relate, shed layers of self that are not serving you anymore and rediscover gifts and joy, again any of the two group options are suitable. 

If you feel you need more motivation, guidance, connection, a safe environment to share your journey and feel supported by an intimate group of souls, book one of the two classes that offer coaching with Cat.

If you suffer from depression or mental illness, if you have been diagnosed with serious health conditions or if you are caring for someone who is leaving this world, our suggestion is to book one of the two classes that offer coaching with Cat.

 *in case you suffer from any of the above listed conditions, please inform us before starting the program.  

If you have recently lost someone, if you wish to clear your family lineages and ancestry stories at a deeper level, or if you feel you need guidance, we encourage you to choose the option that offers a one-to-one session with Cat at the beginning of the class.

Training 1 (the one without Coaching with Cat) -for any questions, email [email protected] or access the WhatsApp group that is designated to only sharing content related to the Dying to Fully live class. You will receive videos with step-by-step instructions and e-books for each module to support your journey.

Training 2 and 3 you will have access to all explanatory videos and course materials, weekly group support, healing circle concept, Q&A sessions and time with Cat. For any questions outside of class, email [email protected]  or access the WhatsApp group.

Yes! All graduates of Dying to Fully Live Class have a 15% discount for private sessions with Cat and lifetime access to all materials and WhatsApp support group

Yes, during the class you will need to buy/order a set of stones - quartz and obsidian crystal for the dream incubation process and to find two regular stones for your ancestor altar work

No, each module and its content will be available week by week in order for you to have enough space and time to process the information and integrate the practices.

For Premium and Private members, there will be 4 live online meetings (through Zoom) with Cat Faith to which you will also receive the replay within 48 hours in case you can't make it.

Yes, in 2 or 3 installments, please get in touch with our team if needed: [email protected]

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